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Compass Ministries is dedicated to empowering people to grow in their Christian faith through the teaching and modeling of Christian principles and values. The main purpose of Compass Ministries is to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to direct the lost and captive to the Living Word, Jesus Christ who will save the lost and set the captive free.

About Compass Ministries

Gail Welch is the founder of Compass Ministries. God miraculously delivered Gail from panic disorder in 1994 through revelation of His Word and called her to be a teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her total and complete deliverance and healing is maintained through her successfully appropriating Biblical principles from the Word of God to every area of her life.

Gail has been a member of Word of Faith International Christian Center since 1994. She has served in numerous departments in the Ministry of Helps and as a leader in Street Evangelism for over 12 years. She is a 2002 graduate from W.O.F.I.C.C. Bible Training Center. It is her heart's desire to share what she has learned with others so that they may also be set free from the spirit of fear and anything else that may have them captive ... in the Authority of Jesus Christ.

Framing Your World Outreach

"The Way"

Provide local
teaching and support
group sessions
on how to
Frame Your World




"The Way"

Take field trips
into the areas that
individuals have
come to avoid
due to fear

Contact us to join the free Metro-Detroit
training/support sessions




"The Way"

Send trained ministers
into the homes of
those who are




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Neither Gail Welch nor any person affiliated with this website or Compass Ministries are medical doctors or hold any degrees in mental health.

Neither Gail Welch nor any person affiliated with this website or Compass Ministries are suggesting, influencing, or implicating that you do not take medications or see a medical doctor.

The sole purpose of Compass Ministries is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide information that the Word of God works
in all areas. It provides healing and deliverance which Gail Welch can personally attest to.